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The Site. 

Factory Road Industrial Park represents the largest selection of the most competitively priced lots currently on the market in Christchurch. The 39 lots are sized from 998sqm to 24,400sqm. The attractive setting comes complete with landscaped entrance and plantings, an extensive riparian margin of regenerated native plantings, stormwater treatment, and services to the lot boundary. A full information pack with further site detail is available here.  Infrastructure and geotech information is below

Infrastructure & Geotech.
  • Water Supply: Water supplied via Christchurch City Council’s on demand network system via a 200mm diameter main. Firefighting will be via on site water to meet the requirements of NZS4509.

  • Sewer: Sewerage will be via Christchurch City Councils existing network.

  • Stormwater: Stormwater will be managed via an onsite Stormwater Management Area, with approved first flush treatment and partial attenuation.

  • Roading and Access:  The Main Road access will be 20m with feeder roads being 18m in width, 10m ROW to lots 31/32 and a 25m collector road in line with the North Belfast ODP (Future proofed for future planning requirements).

  • Telco/ Power: All lots will be fully connected to telecommunication and power supplied by Enable and Orion.

  • Streetlighting: Street lighting will provide a minimum of P3 luminance on the roads and pedestrian areas and will be designed in accordance with AS/NZS 1158.3.1

  • Geotech: Geotechnical Engineer Davis Ogilvie has carried out a geotechnical assessment of the proposed development area and has assessed the site as being suitable for commercial subdivision. Subsoil site class is D, Importance Level is IL2 (potentially some lots IL3), and Liquefaction hazard is TC2.

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